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Adequate - Pleasure Boat

Ajax - Lobster Boat

Albacore III - Power Cruiser

Alert - Sloop

Alice K. - Sport Fisherman

America - Sardine Carrier

Amity - Friendship Sloop-Maine Sloop Boat

Amos Swan - Friendship Sloop-Maine Sloop Boat

Annie T. - Lobster Style Cabin Launch

Aquarelle II - Pleasure Cruiser

Arethusa III - Pleasure Cruiseraka Waterbed

Arthur S. Woodward - Lobster Smack

Asticou - Passenger Boat

Attrypa - Lobster Boat


Barbara Carol - Lobster Boat

Benj. F. Jones - Miniature Tugboat

Bessie L. - Sardine Carrier

Bette S. - Lobster Boat

Betty Lou - Lobster Boat

Billie XXX - Lobster Style Cabin Launch

Black Pearl - Brigantine

BLB - Traditional Dory

Blueberry - Lobster Style Cabin Launch

Bobill II - Sloop

Bucephalus - Friendship Sloop-Maine Sloop Boat


Carmarette - Motor Yacht

Carol Anne - Cruiser

Carry All II - Lobster Style Cabin Launch

Catherine M. Butler - Sardine Carrier

Chance - Friendship Sloop-Maine Sloop Boat

Chester T. Marshall - Lobster Smack

Chicken of the Sea - Lobster Style Pleasure Boat

Christopher - Sardine Carrier

Cinchona - Yawl

Circumstance - Sloop

Continental - Sardine Carrier


Cygnet II - Ketch

Cyndy - Auxiliary Sloop


Dictator - Friendship Sloop-Maine Sloop Boat

Dolphin - Friendship Sloop-Maine Sloop Boat

Dorothy & Edith - Fishing Vessel

Dovekie - Friendship Sloop-Maine Sloop Boat

Driftwood - Lobster Style Pleasure Boat


Edward M. - Sardine Carrier

Electron II - Yawl

Ellen Marie - Lobster Boat

Elsie - Lobster Style Fishing Boat

Elva L. Beal - Purse Seiner - Dragger

Endeavor - Friendship Sloop-Maine Sloop Boat

Esther I - Lobster Boat

Esther II - Lobster Boat

Ethel M. III - Stop Seiner

Euryale - Friendship Sloop-Maine Sloop Boat

Eva Anita - Lobster Boat

Eva Grace - Sardine Carrier

Evans Islander Heeling


Fairhaven Queen - Sardine Carrier

Fairlee - Pleasure Cruiser

Fish Hawk - Sardine Carrier

Florence - Passenger Launch

Foggy Dew - Pleasure Cruiser

Frances Inez - Lobster Boat

Freedom - Friendship Sloop-Maine Sloop Boat

Frenchman's Bay - Passenger Vessel


Gary Alan - Sardine Carrier

Gelouba - Custom 41’ Cutter

Gladiator - Friendship Sloop-Maine Sloop Boat

Glenn Geary - Sardine Carrier

Grace M. Cribby - Lobster Smack

Gramps - Lobster Boat


Harvard R. Beal's Bait Scow

Helen McColl - Sardine Carrier

Henry O. Underwood - Sardine Carrier

Hieronymus - Friendship Sloop-Maine Sloop Boat

Hinckley Islander Sloop

Hobo - Lobster Boat

Hornet - Sardine Carrier


Ilex - Steam Powered Buoy Tender

Irona II - Lobster Style Pleasure Boat


Jaan - Bermuda 40 Yawl

Jack Tar - R-Class Racing Sloop

Jacob Pike - Sardine Carrier

Jacqueline - Dragger

Janie C

Joyce Marie - Sardine Carrier


Kada II

King Fisher - Sardine Carrier

Kipper - A-boat

Kittiwake II - Pleasure Cruiser

Kona - Yawl


Lady Lurene - Sardine Carrier

Lanita - Catboat

Lauren T.

Laurence Saunders Newman's Lobster Boat

Lawrence Wayne - Seiner

Lida Mae II - Lobster Boat

Linda G. - Lobster Boat

Little Abner - Scow

Little Folly - Friendship Sloop - Maine Sloop Boat

Lively Lady

Lobster Boat Built for Merit Walton Bean

Lobster Yacht

Lorilynn - Lobster Boat

Lou Ann - Sardine Carrier


Maddy Sue - Pleasure Boat

Mai Tai

Marmac - Cruiser

Mary Rose - Dragger

Medric - Sardine Carrier

Meredith I - Lobster Boat

Meredith II - Lobster Boat

Merry Wings - Maine Sloop Boat

Miss Julie - Lobster Boat

Morning Star - Friendship Sloop-Maine Sloop Boat

M.P. Rich - Brig

Mum's Mink

My Share - Lobster Boat

My Shepard - Lobster Style Cabin Launch


Nancy & Ricky - Lobster Boat

Nancy B - Mackerel Seiner

Nathaniel - Lobster Style Powerboat

Nirvana - Yawl

No-Name - Lobster Boat - Bracy - Wesley Peterson Bracy

No-Name - Lobster Boat - Built for Harvard Riley Beal

No-Name - Lobster Boat - Built For Howard Lester Power

No-Name - Lobster Boat - Built for John Frank Closson

No-Name - Lobster Boat - Built for Joseph Elwood Spurling

No-Name - Lobster Boat - Built for Louise (Webber) Jackson O'Brien

No-Name - Lobster Boat - Built for Oscar Ove Krantz

No-Name - Lobster Boat - Built for Russell Edgar Pettigrove

Novelty - Sardine Carrier


O.K. - Utility Boat

Open Streamlined Boat Built for Carroll Sargent Tyson, Jr.

Osprey - Ketch


Patsy S. - Cruiser

Peapod - Skiff

Pilgrim Shallop

Pilgrim Shallop II

Pleasure Boat - Built for Lloyd Deming Yates

Poor Richard - Passenger Boat

Princess Anne - Power Cruiser

Privateer - Yawl

Pusheen Gra - Catboat


Rachel - Cruiser

Rachel Ann - Lobster Boat

Rambler III - Pleasure Boat

Raven - Custom Open Launch

Rebecca - Sailing Yacht

Rebel - Lobster Boat

Reliance - Maine Sloop Boat

Roamer - Sardine Carrier

Rose - Ketch

Rugosa - Yawl

Ruthyeolyn - Lobster Boat


Sarah Holloway - Lobster Yacht

Sea Fox - Seiner

Sea Wind - Sardine Carrier

Seabiscuit - Lobster Boat

Seven Girls - Lobster Boat

Sheliak Too - Pleasure Boat

Silver Crest - Steam Passenger Launch

Skipper - Lobster Style Cabin Launch

Sou'wester - Cruiser

St. Mary's - Sloop

Sunbeam I

Sunbeam II

Sunshine - Sloop Yacht

Surfman - Sardine Carrier

S.V.A. Hunter - Passenger Launch

Sweet Pea - Gaff-rigged Sailboat


Tender for Motor Yacht Placida

Thalia B - Motor Cruiser

The Little One

The Resurrection of the Sloop Endeavor

Three Brothers - Lobster Boat

Three Sisters - Passenger Launch - Fishing Boat

Ticonderoga - Bermuda Ketch

Trailaway - Lobster Boat


U and I - Dragger

Unnamed Boats Built by Rich & Grindle


Vagabond - Passenger Boat

Valhalla - Yawl

Vanda - Motor Yacht


Venture - Friendship Sloop-Maine Sloop Boat

Venturer - Yawl


Wandabob - Lobster Boat

Whistler - A-Boat

White Winger - Picnic Boat

Whitecap - Power Ketch

Wilderedge II - Power Cruiser

Willie Marie - Lobster Boat

Windfall - Lobster Style Pleasure Boat

Woiee - Sardine Carrier

Wolfhound - Lobster Boat