Freeman's Store

"J. T. R. Freeman purchased the discarded [Freeman School] schoolhouse about 1865, moved it to his lot, remodeled and added to it as his residence. He built a small building to the north which was used for a long time as a post-office while Mr. Freeman was postmaster. This building is now a part of the Freeman Store. About 1887 he built the present store building and enlarged his business, which is now carried on by his daughter, Mrs. Fred A. Walls.

“This first school building was a single-room, substantial house with home made seats, capable of seating from fifty to sixty pupils. It had a box stove and a wide crack in the floor which the pupils were required to "toe" made for straight lines when the spelling classes stood up for their oral spelling lesson.” - Traditions and Records of Southwest Harbor and Somesville, Mount Desert Island, Maine by Mrs. Seth S. Thornton, p. 80 – 1938.


Freeman's Store, Dudley Mayo’s house and Carroll's Drug Store, Southwest Harbor - Circa 1929


Freeman’s Store as Southwest Cycle Shop  – April 19, 2015