Indian Lot on Clark Point

"For many years Indians from Oldtown came every summer and encamped on the rocky lot across from the Parker property. They pitched their tents and remained for the summer, selling their baskets. The men roamed the woods gathering sweet grass and occasionally cutting an ash tree, which right they were vouchsafed by the owners of the land as it was an unwritten law that the Indians could have an occasional tree to use in their work from the land that, not so long before, had belonged entirely to them…” - Traditions and Records of Southwest Harbor and Somesville, Mount Desert Island, Maine by Mrs. Seth S. Thornton, 1938, p. 167.


Indian Camp at Southwest Harbor - Indian Lot – Circa 1888


Indian Lot from Deacon’s Cove - Circa 1888


Driveway and Parking Area at Indian Lot Cottage – May 23, 2015