Samuel Watson Herrick Store and Custom House

As Nell Thornton remarked in 1938, this house has a varied history. This is the simplified version:

Benjamin Gilley (1797-1875) started to build the house on Fernald Point Road, but did not finish it.

Benjamin Gilley sold the house to Frank L. Higgins (1852-1928) who never completed the building.

Frank L. Higgins sold the unfinished house to Samuel Watson Herrick (1828-1916) in 1883.

Samuel Watson Herrick had been conducting his store in an ell of his house at 3 High Road.

Samuel Watson Herrick moved the building from the Fernald Point location to the land that now forms the mouth of Herrick Road at Clark Point Road. There he finished the building as it is shown in the first photograph and conducted his business for many years.

Earl Williams Gott (1889-1950) bought the site and moved the house to its present site at 14 High Road c. 1918 where it stands today.


Samuel Watson Herrick at His Store and Custom House – Circa 1885


Samuel Watson Herrick Store and Custom House in Snow


Samuel Watson Herrick Store and Custom House as house on Earl Gott’s property. – May 3, 2015