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Abram Winegardner Harris House

Albert Bartlett House

Albert Paris Torrey House

Alice J. Dolliver House

Alice J. (Gilley) Morris House

Almon Frank Ramsdell’s 2nd Garage

Alvah Dolliver House

Ambrose Alden Stanley House

Amos B. Newman House

Amos Dolliver House

Andrew Tucker / Andrew H. Haynes House

Andrew Walter Bennett House

Arthur R. & Dorothy J. Lurvey House


Bay View

Benjamin Barrett Hinckley House

Benjamin Dolliver House

Benjamin F. Dolliver House

Benjamin Moore House

Benjamin Thomas Dolliver House

Benjamin Ward House (2)

By-Water Cottage


Capt. Henry Everett Stanley Cottage

Capt. M. Nicholas Tucker Jr. House

Capt. W. Stanley House

Carl Fulton Dolliver House

Caroline VanCott Burch Cottage

Carrie V. Davis Torrey House

Cecilia Catherine Kennedy Johnson Cottage

Charles E. Haynes House

Charles E. Stanley House

Charles F. Carter House

Charles L. Stanley House

Charles P. Torrey House

Charles Walter Marion House

Clara A. Richardson House

Clarence Freeman Joy House

Community Hall

Customs House


David King House

Derby Stanley House (2)

Dockside Motel

Doris Fielding Reid Cottage

Dorothy Elder Marcus Cottage

Dorothy R. Stanley & Merritt P. Fitch House

Dr. John Johnston Cottage

Dudley B. Dolliver I House

Durgain Wharf, Manset


Edgar Newman House

Edith Hamilton Lanman House

Edith S. Cushing House

Edith Stanley Cottage

Edna M. Jellison House

Edward and Lucy Buck Ellsberg House

Edward C. & Harriet C. Hawes Cottage

Edward Wyatt Evans Cottage (2)

Edwin Lucius Watson Cottage

Eldering Cottage

Eldora Flye Ward House

Eleanor J. Schieffelin House

Elizabeth Rae Cogswell & Jean H. Smalley Cottage

Elizabeth S. Talcott Site

Elmer A. Stanley House

Elmer Billings House

Emily Staples House

Enoch Arno Stanley House

Estella Benson Stanley

Everett E. and Fannie S. Truette Cottage

Ezekial Moore House


Francis Thompson Chalmers Jr. House

Frank Benjamin Smith House

Frank Leslie Smith House

Frank Louis Black House

Frank Spurling House

Frank Wells Ramseyer Cottage

Franklin Ward Machine Shop


George Benjamin Dolliver House

George W. Anderson House and Dental Office

Grace M. Lurvey House


Hannah M. Cleveland House

Henry Edwin Newman House

Henry R. Hinckley Company - Office and Sheds

Herbert C. Moore House

High Tide

Horace Durgain Wharf site

Hugh L. & Margarita L. Stanley House


Isaac F. and Minne C. Stanley House

Isabel Dolliver Harper House


James P & Frances Theodora Kennedy Cottage

James Parker's Wharf

James S. Fernald House

John & Jean Desjardin House

John and Esther Ward Nichols House

John and Mary Lawson Stoddard Cottage

John Billings House

John M. Williams Cottage

John Reynolds I House

John S. Moore House

Jonathan Stewart House I

Joshua Moore House


Kenneth & Ruth Amiro House

Kenneth E. Billings House


Laurence Saunders Newman House

Lilla Dimock Cope Cottage

Lilla Dimock Cope House

Llewellyn Cleveland House


Madeira house

Maggie A. Fernald House

Manset Library

Manset Union Church

Margarita Safford Cottage

Marilyn E. Dolliver House

Mary A. Morris, Mrs. Stillman Stanley Dolliver House

Mary A. Ramsdell House

Mattie I. (Mrs. Franklin S.) Dolliver House

Maurice Roosevelt Beal House

Melville Moore House and Store

Merrill Baxter King House

Minnie Estelle Barker & Edith Barker (Mrs. J. Howard) Rogers House

Minnie Estelle Barker and Edith I. Barker Cottage

Mor Glaz

Morris Augustus Dolliver House

Mrs. Frank E. Torrey House


Nancy S. Newman Sawyer House


Ocean House Hotel

Old Ward House

Oscar and Ora Seavey House

Osmond Emery Harper House


Peter Dolliver IV House

Peter S. Moore House

Post Office


Ralph Fulton Ellis / Robert Henry Dolliver House

Raymond D. & Frances M. Billings House

Rebecca H. C. Reeve Cottage

Robert C. Cornell Cottage

Rudolph E. & Minnie M. Dolliver House


Samuel Spurling Newman House

Sarah A. Brewer House

Sarah Edith (Robinson) Black House

Seawall (Town of Tremont) Schoolhouse

Silver Spray

Skal Corners

St. Peter's Catholic Church

Stanley House Hotel



The BoatHouse, Manset, Maine

The Boyd Lee Spahr Cottage, Sea Ledges

The Carroll Sargent Tyson Jr. Building and Cottage

The Moorings

The Ocean House Boat House

The Shielin

Thomas H. Newman & Constance A. Newman House

Thomas Newman House

Tremont Baptist Parsonage

Twisden Bowden House


Village Improvement Association Hall (V.I.A. Hall)

Virginia Krebs House


W. H. Ward Store & Wharf

W. Norton & Jennie S. Harper House

Warren D. & Dorothy R. Stanley House

Warren G. Rice House

William C. Moore House

William L. & Rhoda Carney House

William R. Keene House

William Spurling Newman House

William W. & Yvonne BIllings House

William W. Flexner & Magdelen G.H. Flexner Cottage

William W. King House

William Ward Knowles House

Willis H. Dolliver House



XYZ Restaurant